TRAIL BLAZER, Havana Brown Leather Sheath, 8670 steel, 3d Machined OD Green/Black G10 Handle, Black Finish

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TRAIL BLAZER: 3D machined OD Green/Black G10 Handle, Black Finish.

 Havana Brown Leather Sheath

The Leather sheath is overbuilt: horizontal, vertical, Molle. options

Pull a dot snap, flash light, fire start system and-spare battery holder.

Reinforcements on the sheath under the snaps.

Lifetime warranty on the sheath and knife.

8670 steel, RC 59-60.

Fully functional saw back on the spine.

 Blade Material: 8670

 Handle material: G10

 Overall Length: 11.65”

 Blade Length: 6.37, cutting edge 5.75".

 Blade Width: 1.5”

 Blade Thickness: 0.25”

 Handle Length: 5.4”

 Handle Width: 1.15 front,  ”1.25 mid, taper to 1" rear

 Handle Thickness: .75”

 Hardness: 59-60hrc

 Sheath: Thick Leather made by Stoner Holsters

 Retail: `$349.99

 Map $289.99 (Minimum Advertised Price)

 Final edge sharpening: The Warthog V-Sharp Xtreme Edge

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