Combat Karambit, Tri-edge, Black Textured G-10 Handles

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  • Combat Karambit, Tri-edge, Black Textured G-10 Handles
  • Combat Karambit, Tri-edge, Black Textured G-10 Handles
  • Combat Karambit, Tri-edge, Black Textured G-10 Handles
  • Combat Karambit, Tri-edge, Black Textured G-10 Handles


Tri-edged- all three edges sharp.

7" overall; from blade tip to crusher on the ring.
Dedicated Blade catch on top of the blade.
Crusher point on the ring.
Jimping on the front and rear of the knife for control.
Finger grooves on the handle.
3/16" thick 1095 steel RC 57-58
Black powder coat finish (color options available, email if interested)
Kydex Sheath with tons of carry options: 45 deg. carry both sides, left, right upside down you name it.

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3 Reviews

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    Combat Karambit, Tri-Edge, Black Textured G-10 Handles / part 2

    Posted by Mountainridge on Dec 11th 2017

    2nd part
    After some days experiencing this marvellous knive, I want to add some more benefits it offers: I never saw such a well-made transition from the blad to the handle. It's not an "alibi" or somewhat else, it's substantial, has cutouts on esch side, presenting 2 more sharp points if someone tends to grasp (as a blade-catch, I think they are more theoretically), has a jimping on both sides to hold your grip if needed and is big enough on either side to really protect your hand and prevent from touching the blade. Awesome, really. Together with "glass-breaker" at the rear these two extensions provide bone-breaking tips, too, and one discovers the thoughts the guys from Shadow Tech brought in recognizing, that on the upper side the tip is very, very sharp an pointed, and on the other / under-side not so. The knive also has a jimping on the ring, If you want to carry it as a neck-knive and want to have it flat, you can loosen the screws and put off the 2 G-10s to achieve a lower profile or shape under your shirt. The tip of he blade is what I would name an upside-down-Tanto style, which, together with the dimensions of the blade even close to the tip minimizes the danger of damaging the needle-sharp scalpel-like tip. For some reasons, Shadow Tech eliminated the former two holes for a lanyard; they have reasons of course, maybe increasing the stability. However - to add a lanyard is not a factor which really influences the quality of this knive.
    For some peculiar reasons, there is no possibility to give 10 stars instead of five - I would. I wish Shadow Tech a lot of success with it's knives - quality wins!

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    Combat Carambit Tri-Edge Black Textured G-10 Handles

    Posted by Mountainridge on Dec 8th 2017

    Awesome! Went into some Karambits a couple of years ago, for I find advantages in their shape if used as defending tools, and so I came to a small collection of well made, high quality karambits which I like all, but this one is simply unique. First, it has three sharp edges, unlike most of others being sold, which offers a wider range of slashes. Next, it is absolutely sturdy, maybe a bit heavier than the most of this size, but I like it, because it increases the impact if needed, your moves get a good drive, and it's stable - the blade is not thin, it's really strong, seemingly undestroyable. The handle is amazing, it's so well made and dimesioned, that I have the impression, it fits for all, except maybe very very small or big hands. Then it has the skullbreaker on the ring - the sort you really will feel, this is not only a force-multiplier, together with the weight I mentioned, it is devastating. The grip of the G-10 is extraordinary, the whole thing is balanced perfectly, and all in all, holding it, one gets an absolute secure feeling of trust about this weapon as a weapon. Obviously, the guys of Shadow Tech put a lot of knowledge, skill, enthusiasm, quality and craftmanship in this knive, so I can absolutely recommend it - for me, it seems worth every cent and would not be overprized even at a higher prize. The esheet is very good, to, it offers 32 options of carrying. I tried an hour and came to the decision to have it on the front at the right side, just above the right pocket of my jeans, inside the belt, the handle bending to the left positioned close to the navel, because so, the knive is hardly being felt and you can move without any problems. Because the belt clip is not closed, I recommend to put the waistband of your trousers in it together with the belt - this offers more stability and the knive does not move. Who ever is interested in a high quality karambit with absolutely awesome features - don't hesitate, buy it and support the guys from Shadow Tech, they are worth it!

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    Combat Karambit tri-edge, g10 handle

    Posted by Robert on Aug 22nd 2017

    What can I say about the ST Knife, combat Karambit. First you must understand that I have been looking for a Karambit knife for quite a while. In my search I found many different styles of the Karambit. So when the time came, I knew exactly what I wanted in a Karambit knife. I knew what I wanted it to look like, and I knew what I wanted it to be made out of. I knew these things because of the extensive research that I did on the different types of karambits and the metal that knifes are made out of. Shadow tech knives, has all of the different features that I was looking for in a Karambit. Just look at their selection. For me personally I wanted a usable everyday carry tool, not a wall hanger. They're knives are not the most expensive ones and they are not the fanciest ones that are out there for a much higher costs, believe me. But if you are looking for a practical, well made knife for a decent cost for what you're getting, look no further than the shadow Tech knifes. Even better, when I chose my knife I chose it in all black. I did see however that it said there was other colors to choose from. I called Shadow Tech and talk with John who informed me of all the different color selections to choose from for their knives and their sheaths. They changed my order, and made the knife to my specifications including the color of the knife, the color of the sheath, and went as far as to thin the handle for me because I like a thinner handle than normal. I have to say the coal blue, with the blue and black G10 handle combination on my knife looks spectacular. Thank you John and your team for making knives that can actually be used, because they are well made and come in many different choose from, and you have them at a great price. They're coming out with different types of knives all the time so if you don't see something on the website that you're looking for call them directly and talk with them about what you are wanting. They also make custom pieces which I hope one day to have one of them.

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